here are a lot of products in Amazon and there might be things you like but not at a price tag which is attractive enough for you to open up your wallet or bring out your credit card? Below are ways that you can save buying from amazon.

Add to your shopping cart Not so that you can show your friends and hope that they will be generous enough to buy it for you (but you can certainly hope for that), this is to subscribe yourself to the product, Amazon will alert you whenever you open your shopping cart if there is any price change(drop or increase unfortunately) to product. So you do not need to look at the product all the time and hope for the price to come down. You can just do it once a day in 1 minute for a check, which shouldn’t be a problem if you can afford to open your Facebook or Instagram multiple times a day.

Wait for an event Christmas period, Black Friday, these are events which lots of products hosted in Amazon do markdown in prices, there is a high probability that product of your choice might be available at price points which are attractive to you.

Buy from 3rd parties Look to lower part of a product description and you will see something similar to the below

Which on clicking brings you to a list of other parties selling the same products, sometimes they might offer better prices then the one you have selected.